The Blessed Names of The Prophet ﷺ (IV)

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In this edition we continue our exploration of the names of The Prophet ﷺ.

1. Jami
Jami is a gatherer, or someone who brings things together. He ﷺ has all the qualities of other Messengers and Prophets. Additionally, he brought Allah's creation together after they had been separated.

2. Muqtafin
Muqtafin means to the one who follows, or the successor of all the prophets. The Prophet ﷺ followed the way of the previous prophets given he was the final prophet. He followed the practices of the previous prophets in worshiping Allah alone.

3. Muqaffa
Surpasser. The Prophet ﷺ left the world behind him and only focused on his Lord. He ﷺ surpassed the rest of creation by obtaining all virtues and proximity to Allah. This name comes from the same Arabic root as Muqtafin.

4. Rasul Al Malahim
The Messenger of Fierce Battles. Malahim refers to battles or the places where battles take place. The Prophet ﷺ went to war and his enemies felt terror in their hearts. The spoils of war were made lawful for him. No Prophet was more successful in battles than him ﷺ. He participated in 27 battles, and he sent out others to 47 battles - all in the space of 10 years.

5. Rasul Al Raha
The Messenger of Comfort. The Prophet ﷺ is a source of peace and comfort for the believers. He was also a relief for the disbelievers when he ﷺ showed mercy to them. This name is related to the name of the Prophet ﷺ we saw previously, The Messenger of Mercy. Whomever Allah shows mercy to has also been given a sense of comfort.

Source: Heavenly Guide to the Beacon of Pure Light, Al Fasi’s commentary on the Dala’il Al Khayrat (مطالع المسرات بجلاء دلائل الخيرات)

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